How can I add custom fields to the Roster or Schedule?

Sports Team Theme allows you to add custom text fields to the Roster or Schedule sections.

  1. First go into the Theme Options or Sports Team Options at the bottom of the WordPress admin left menu.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to view the Roster Options and Schedule Options areas.
  3. There may be some default custom fields already present like Height, Weight, Grade, and Cost. These can be deleted or changed if you would like.
  4. To create a new custom field, click the blue Add Field button.
    • Field Name: Is the label of the field for both editors of the site and viewers of the site. It can have spaces and special characters.
    • Field Slug: Is the programming label of the field. Once you have created it, don’t ever change it or all of your information you have saved into that field will be lost!
    • Field Instructions: You can include any special instructions that editors should know as they fill this field in.
    • Display Where: This is how you choose which pages of your website this information will show up on. You can choose one or both:
      • List View: This means it will show up on the main tables of theĀ Roster or Schedule pages where multiple people or events are listed.
      • Single View: This means it will show up when viewing only only a single person or event.