What doesn’t this site do?

There are some things that were explicitly left out of the scope of this site (for now). You are welcome to request a feature if you think it is important.


This site does not track statistics for your team members, or per play statistics. It does allow you to enter Wins, Losses, and Ties and keep your team record. However, that is the extent of the stats.

Multiple Teams/Leagues

The site was designed for a single team. See this F.A.Q. question for one way to consider using WordPress to accomplish this.


While we may add this in the future, currently this is not included.

Membership/Private Access

This site doesn’t add any functionality to make a members-only website.

In-team Communications

This site is mostly for public facing content. It does not add newsletter or messaging functionality to WordPress.

Accept Registrations

The site provides a way to store your Roster, but doesn’t necessarily provide a form for people to sign up.